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International Transport

Rodenburg has a long and successful track record in vehicle transport. To maintain this success the company operates under the following priorities; damage free transporting of the products, respecting commitments, consulting closely with the customer. Below are listed the products for which Rodenburg provides both transport and storage facilities.

Transport caravans and campers safely and without damage

Caravan and camper transport is a specialist service Rodenburg provides on a daily basis. Our drivers have received special training designed to ensure secure and damage free caravan and camper transport.

Rodenburg has all permits to transport trucks

We have all the technical truck transporting knowhow in-house. We transport every possible vehicle configuration, our drivers have received special training to carry out these transports. Extra high trucks can be transported without any problems. Rodenburg holds all required permits.

Cars or light commercial vehicles can be transported by Rodenburg Transport

Rodenburg has dedicated vehicles for transporting your cars or light commercial vehicles. Our drivers are highly skilled in loading and unloading the vehicles to ensure damage free transport from A to B.

All our activities, dependent on their kind, are subject to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

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