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Rodenburg is a mid-size transport company providing a varied package of services, each of a specialist nature. Rodenburg specialist services include the transport of vehicles such as caravans, campers, cars and trucks across Europe. For instance plant to dealership transport. Rodenburg also provides the transport for the glass, paper and clothes recycling industry.

The specialist in transport vehicles through The Netherlands and Europe

All facets of transporting your caravans, campers, cars or trucks, or emptying your paper, glass or clothes containers are executed strictly as contracted and to the highest quality standards. Our Quality Assurance Program is ISO-9001 Certified .

We offer you the solution to your logistical problem

Rodenburg helps you solve your logistics issues ranging from purely transport from A to B to organizing your complete goods flow.

Interested? Please contact one of our staff, who will be happy to give you all the information you need.


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